Another Brick In The Wall(E)

July 18, 2008

Dear Readers,


Welcome to Friday – not quite the weekend, but pretty gosh darn close.


This time last week, the group was beginning to splinter. The course drew to a close, and people were facing up to the prospect of the real world once again. For me, the real world included immediately leaving Florence House to buy every newspaper I could see so I could catch up on the sports news. I was rather excited, and I think I petrified the guy in the newspaper shop. On the off-chance he’s reading this, please accept my apologies. They don’t let us out much.


The group has been in constant touch, one way or the other, throughout the week. But today I am feeling more of a longing and melancholy than usual. My mind is swamped with memories of roasting marshmallows in an indoor fire, (it doesn’t work) and riding the shopping trolley while Mike pushed it around Morrison’s. And, of course, sending Neil on errands we’d then complete ourselves. Only in the equalising world of Hoffman could an I.T. professional and someone who spends his day blogging send a managing director to find long sticks.


And so to all of you on this day, know you are with me throughout – not just at a 9am check in – and know that you have my thanks; for being an integral part of my experience and for the memories. I hope each of you has a weekend of pure, unbridled joy, and, to those who will be delivering your masterpieces this weekend, know that the thoughts, love and best wishes of this particular closed box are with you. You deserve its fabulous reward.


With that thought in mind, I have decided to have a weekend that would make a kid with Attention Deficit Disorder collapse with exhaustion.


This evening will begin actually rather sensibly. I will be leaving work at 4 prompt – no London adventure tonight, sadly – and get back home to throw some stuff in a bag. Then, it’s for dinner with my sister and brother, (we’re doing the family bonding thing, you see) and as long as something last minute and lawyer-y doesn’t come up, my girlfriend will be coming too. Then, it’s jetting off (or tube-ing off, as the case may be) to London Bridge (where my girlfriend lives) to get some shut eye.


Saturday, we’re up early to do… wait for it… yoga. I, David Levy, king of the apathetic, am doing yoga! Bloody yoga! I will have to provide photographic evidence so that if I ever slip back into those old patterns, I’ll be able to see what a berk I don’t mind looking. After yoga – which is, incidentally, one of these weird ones where its really hot and you sweat beyond all comprehension – and presumably a shower, it’s a walking tour of London, and then hopefully meeting my uncle and cousin, and then home to prepare for a night of fun! We’re going to eat tons of sugar, play games, go bowling, and then, as the night gets old, find a bar – probably Cheers on Regent Street, feel free to come by and laugh at us – and dance the night away. Since I got over my terrible self consciousness, I have a real urge to dance. So dancing it is!


Sunday morning will presumably being with the double whammy of a body that can’t move from the yoga (both of us) and a raging hangover (probably just her). Gradually, after what I can only presume is some very slow movement, a breakfast involving bacon, orange juice and sunglasses, we will begin to make our way to my home, hopefully in time for… Wall-E!


I have come out of Hoffman a child re-born. I have no interest in television. None. I have no interest in film – and believe me, that’s big news. In fact, I have watched just two things since I got back, both while I was doing the ironing on my Monday off – Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. And now, hopefully, Wall-E, the animated story of a robot left on Earth to clean up after the humans have gone who falls in love. I cannot freakin’ wait. We’re going to be the oldest ones in the cinema by about 20 years, but I couldn’t care less. I would assume Wall-E will be followed by some sort of meal of food, and then, presumably, a long sleep.


I will return on Monday with as many tales as I can muster. Until then, have a great weekend, world!


All my love,

Closed Box


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