August 20, 2008

And yes, I realise that’s not how you spell ‘strike’.


I feel like this blog should take on a slightly more ‘formal’ air today. For the first time in many a week, I have arrived for work today fully clad in suit, shirt, and tie, something I only do if there is a meeting. Being the summer, however, only 6 of the scheduled 20 attendees are coming. What a laugh riot it should be.


Sadly, I’ll probably just say ‘fuck’ a lot, and that’ll be that.


How are you this morning blog people? This blog is now officially receiving over 60 hits a day, which is about 59 more than I expected, so thank you to all those who are tuning in.


Today’s blog will actually (most likely, anyway) be the last of the week. There was to be a tube strike today, ( so I hurriedly booked 2 ½ days holiday so I wouldn’t have to travel to work in sardine-like conditions on a bus, or walking, skateboard, or any other mode of transport I could muster. However, late last night, the strike was called off, and I feel like a right schmuck, to coin a Jewish term. Never mind, with the bank holiday, I’ll be taking a not-at-all earned 5 day break, which I plan to completely waste, aside from my weekend plans. Hurrah for me!


However, I would like to do some writing this weekend, so I have a request of you, dear readers. In the comments section below, I’d like you to suggest a plot for a book – it can be a beginning/middle/end, or just something really simple like ‘little Johnny discovers he can fly’. You give me the premise, and, i’ll write it! Then, at some point over the weekend or next week, I will use one of my daily blog entries to display my efforts for your comment. If your idea is porn, that’s fine, but bear in mind the sort of crowd we’re going to attract on this blog if I publish that…


Come Tuesday (or perhaps Monday) I’ll report back on everything – on Hellboy 2, which I am seeing on Thursday, despite never seeing part 1. On (hopefully, if I can reserve a table) going to the Jazz Café in Camden Town with my friend Zein on Friday night. On my Saturday adventures with my friend Danielle. On Sunday with my friend Orly. On yet another probable disappointment by my team Tottenham Hotspur, and on a bank holiday lunch with my cousin and friend James, and that continuing theme of ‘reconnection’. And of course, if I remember, anything funny that happens in-between.


So, until I return, have a wonderful few days, remember to love yourself (ahem) and each other.


Lots of love,

Closed Box


4 Responses to “Stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirike!”

  1. R G Says:

    Hope it is not too late for the plot. Here goes the plot –

    ‘We are 20 years into the future, earth’s population is a meagre 888 people, 90% of land on earth is gone, it is 14 years since the nuclear war, the world war 3!. Now us humans have to battle with the creatures that roam around to stay alive…’

  2. R G Says:

    BTW, 98% of the people who visit blogs don’t comment! Pretty disappointing, there is no encouragement for all the effort that goes into blogs!!

  3. David Levy Says:

    Sounds an awful lot like ‘Waterworld’…

  4. R G Says:

    LOL, yes it does, I didn’t realize 🙂

    The difference here though is that man is allergic to water, man stays on land and on land they are hunted by the creatures 🙂

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