Freaky Friday. Well, Sort Of.

August 29, 2008

Welcome, welcome readers. Welcome to Friday!


How are you all?


Wonderful news, everyone. The entire reason why this blog was started – set your faces to ‘shock’, because I’m about to reveal it actually has nothing to do with my own vanity or self-indulgence – which was to reach out to those who have either been where I am, or are about to go there, has been realised.


Yesterday, I received a comment on one of my earlier blogs from someone who graduated in February, so a big hello to Rob if he’s reading. Thank you for your kind words – it was very moving to know that people can read and understand this blog and understand the finer intricacies of what I’m talking about.


You know how I know I’m strong? It’s pretty easy. I leave work smiling. To some, the idea of going to work on a daily basis and doing absolutely nothing would sound like heaven. Believe me, its not. It’s utterly soul destroying in the worst ways imaginable. Every morning, I wake up feeling positive and with a zest for the day, and then I turn up at work, which is like a vacuum of banality. When there are things to do, I actually quite like my job, but sometimes… I want to fling myself out the window just to have something to do.


Yesterday, just because I was bored, I decided to research what new phone I wanted as my contract was up for renewal.


This is of course utterly uninteresting to everyone, including me, now I’ve written it. But it does lead on to something.


I actually spent the entire time on the phone outside a cake shop, where I was going to buy some fruit pastry things for later, as I was going to my friend Gemma’s for dinner later. Half and hour later, and some very strange looks from the people inside, and I bought the cakes, and headed to Trafalgar Square, where I was to meet my friend Rachel, and subsequently, two real blasts from the past in Leon and Belinda, two people I knew from when we all (Rachel included) worked in a Virgin Megastore what seems like a million and one years ago.


It was unusually busy in Trafalgar Square, and it turns out there was some weird beach rugby promotion going on. Here, look:



I had some rather lovely melon and some water with Rachel, went to quickly say hello to Leon and Belinda, and dashed home to have a shower and get to Gemma’s.


But something happened in the interim period. On the way to Trafalgar Square, I felt sad. Like really, really down. I couldn’t work out why that was. I’d had an easy day, had bought baked goods – I should have been on top of the world! And so, I stopped, closed my eyes, and searched for the answers. I realised what I felt was guilt – guilt for spending money, and guilt for having it. I was most certainly be exploring this more, because there are a number of correlations with these feelings of hatred and guilt that I have in other aspects of my life. It would explain much, and I am going to explore this more this weekend. I imagine it will be the body of Monday’s blog.


Anyway, I got home, and, after getting dressed at 8,000mph, I arrived at Gemma’s just about on time, and had dinner with her and her sister Natalie, accompanied by some rockin’ 80’s music which I made as a CD present for Gemma.


A Review of Dinner at Gemma’s, by David James Levy (to be read aloud in the most pompous voice you can muster)

In the circles of food review, the question is never of the return of the lord and messiah Jesus Christ, but more of his first meal.


If the ‘last supper’ retains such iconic status for the ages, surely the first dinner should be expected to be one and the same?


Perhaps, in a delicious ironic twist (much like saving for cookies by keeping your change in a cookie jar) we could feed Jesus bread, fish and wine, pointing out the overwhelming pictorial evidence that this is what he enjoys.


Alternatively, he could find himself in the delightful company of ‘Gemma’s’, a small restaurant in West Hampstead, seating a maximum of 4 people, for a similar culinary experience to the ones I enjoyed last night.


Gemma’s is most famous for it’s pasta and sauces, and feeling indulgent, I opted for the pasta twists in a simple pepper and chilli tomato sauce. Each mouthful was like a small garden party in my mouth – a dance on the taste buds choreographed by the almighty himself. (Or herself, feminists)


Accompanied by garlic bread (it’s the future, I’ve seen it) and followed by something called a ‘Mini Magnum’, this reviewer left absolutely satisfied and utterly delighted with the service, charm, and simplicity done with spectacular style.


Maybe Jesus will return vengeful; maybe he’ll save us all. Maybe the Jews will string him up again. Either way, he’ll do it on a full stomach.


I rate it 4 and a half crosses out of 5.


Lord be praised.


Does that cover it Gems? Did you like how I slipped in my unfunny cookie jar joke?


And so, today’s blog begins to draw to a close – but with some rather sad news. Unfortunately, I did not get onto my university course. I was sent a letter of rejection by Birkbeck University yesterday, informing me they couldn’t or wouldn’t take me. In my past life, this would have crushed me. Today it makes me more determined than ever. And that, frankly, is a fucking great feeling.


So wishing you a wonderful weekend, fucking great feelings, or feeling great fuckings.


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One Response to “Freaky Friday. Well, Sort Of.”

  1. Powerless and afraid(less so) Says:

    Thanks for the introduction!

    I must confess to a marathon blog reading session today, i started with you rmost recent blogs back to the beginning. Reading your various sights and places of interest of your journey has been encouraging and has made my journey less lonely. AS i read your posts ther were several ah ah moments as i compared notes, indeed i could almost write a my own counter blog simply replying to your posts.

    I also felt a powerful sense of reconnection when i read your posts. I have just had a month or so of pretty much hitting the old patterns full on, doubting that the process worked for me or not. But i kind of realise now it comes down to choice now.

    I really appreciate the frankness and honesty of your posts as i am sure everybody else does. I value that you share your difficulties alongside your more positive gains.

    In many respects your blog is the blog i wanted to write but did not have the courage. Thanks for putting this out there.

    I could write several pages more explaining how i feel about your blog but it comes down to this.

    You are doing good
    keep writing

    Love Rob

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