By Gum Pet, etc

September 1, 2008

Good Morning Blog Fans! And welcome to this, yet another week at work. Still, one more week closer to retirement!


This week’s blogs are going to have a northern flavour, as I travel up to Manchester later today for a 3 day long staff conference about nothing. Staff outings like this provide a wonderful opportunity for some really juicy patterns to come up, so look out for reports of that later in the week.


This weekend was long. Really long.


I was settling in for a needed relaxing Friday night with those lovely folks from ‘Mad Men’. (great show, info here: here and official site here) Instead, my friend Lucie called me up and forced me to go on a night out in central London – playing on lots of sweat-inducing, loud games, and then finally for a viewing of the surprisingly Will Ferrell comedy ‘Step Brothers’, in which Will Ferrell plays a man child, in a shocking career turn.


Anywho, I arrived back home just shy of 5am. At 28 (nearly 29, hurrah!) that’s a pretty good effort.


Saturday provided no respite. Waking at half ten, bedraggled and somewhere incoherent, I stumbled into a shower, and then into a hive of activity as caterers, removal men and what seemed like quite literally hundreds of waiters buzzed around my house in preparation for my brother’s 18th birthday/leaving party. It all sounds quite ostentatious, and it is, but it comes from the right ‘place’, so to speak.


The party itself was a roaring success. Baked in the first real sunshine in I don’t know how long, guests were treated to what seemed like a never-ending array of foods being circulated by waiters – miniature duck in pancakes, quail’s eggs, all sorts – and a full sushi bar, a noodle bar (served in little cardboard take away boxes – a lovely touch) and, rather predictably, a full bar. I resisted the need for some alcohol, and stuck to Diet Coke all day.


The 5am bedtime and the what-came-to-be 7 hours of entertaining people in the sunshine certainly took it out of me, and come 8 o’clock or so, I was shattered. Somehow, probably tied into feeling guilty about eating a ridiculous amount of crap that afternoon, I still managed to go to the gym, (it’s downstairs in my parent’s house, so not that much of a stretch) before making myself some tea, sitting down to watch ‘Match of The Day’, and promptly falling asleep before the opening titles had even finished.


Sunday again begun early. I quickly packed for my business trip, (well, it took a couple of hours) raced to my cousin’s house to watch the football, (a draw, hurrah!) raced back to say goodbye to my brother, who is off to Israel for a year, and then had an hour to just potter before taking a shower and heading off to Camden with my friend Shira, where we resisted the urge to go to the club with the best name ever:



But did spend most of the evening debating endlessly about what was inside. Was it even a club? Was it referring to the people inside? Was it a haven for counterfeit goods? Oh yes, we are funny.


I collapsed into bed, and now I’m here, tapping away at my keyboard as usual.


Over the next 3 days, entries are going to be a little sporadic, so please bear with me. My hotel does have free wireless, but it is going to be a question of time available to me to actually sit down and type. I am certainly feeling one of my old patterns – ‘I want to go home’ – coming up good and proper at the moment, and I do want to explore further some of what I began to unravel on Friday.


Today’s blog is lacking in profoundinity (yes, I just made that up) and for that, I apologise. I’m just bloody shattered, and about to take the most pointless trip ever, which doesn’t make for a happy David. Overall, of course, I’m just fine.


Wishing you a very lovely next 72 hours should I not speak to you.


Lots of love,

Closed Box.



One Response to “By Gum Pet, etc”

  1. arne Says:

    the fake club got busted last week for selling counterfiet goods!!! would you believe it!!

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