Sixteen, Love

September 5, 2008

Just who is this woman that John McCain has chosen as the potential Vice President? She’s fucking petrifying! She talks like a normal person, but all I hear is ‘I’m going to eat your children!’.


What a terrifying woman, and what a terrifying country the United States is sometimes.


Anyway, how are you all? I’m feeling really energised today, probably because I’ve not really written this blog properly this week – sure, I wrote one quick thing on the train on Monday, another on Wednesday, but that’s been about it.


Before I get into some very good news, I’d like to begin with something a little bit more serious, if I may.


Those of you who know me will know that I am not the sort to hold back – and those of you who have become readers will be largely aware of this too. This blog was started with the explicit purpose of externalising what was going on in my mess of a head after the completion of my Hoffman Process. In the weeks and now months since then, it has turned into something slightly different, but the target audience has remained the same – me. Ultimately, I write this blog for me.


I am pleased that so many people read it – I’m comfortably averaging over 50 readers a day – and I thank each one of you for sharing in my though processes, whether you know me, found me by luck, or did a search for ‘Hoffman Process’, as so many people have done, and found me that way.


Unless I name you specifically, I would urge you not to be offended by what I write. You can, with pleasure, call me a shitty writer, call me a chauvinistic wanker, write to me and tell me my opinion that God is no more real than Santa Claus will wind me up in an eternal, waking hell; but, as happened yesterday, if you write to me having a go at me about something I have said, having taken it personally, I am really going to be inclined to not want to justify myself.


That said, for clarity; please let me make one thing clear: I do not think women are stupid, weak, idiotic, or anything like that. Yesterday, all I was trying to suggest – actually, not even that, it was a theory – was that sub-consciously, I had developed a certain line of thought processes because of events of my past – it is not a conscious thing, and, as I have learnt certainly not my fault, and certainly not something that makes me a bad person. I will not justify myself on here again. I have a feeling that part of this blogs appeal is its honesty, and I will not allow that to be compromised if I have to consistently justify or apologise for what I write.


Hope that makes things clear.


Right, now back to the good stuff.


You know what sucks these days? Movies. They’re fucking awful. Thank all that is holy, then, for DVD, and the collected work of John Hughes. In a world where sticking your dick in a pie is considered the pre-amble for an entire movement of ‘teen movies’, Hughes’ work harks back to a more innocent time, where penis jokes where met with disgust by Molly Ringwald and a ‘I don’t want to see it!’, or a Saturday detention with a school drop-out who actually turns up when asked.


Last night, I watched ‘Sixteen Candles’ again. Sigh. (Trailer here)


In a wonderfully posh move, I have decided to join a tennis club, dusting off the old racket and short-shorts in a further attempt to flex my newly-found social muscles. Expect pictures when it happens.


And now the REALLY good news – I’M A STUDENT! Hurrah! Though I have been refused entry for the first year of an undergraduate degree at Birkbeck, yesterday, after some verbal cajoling with the admissions people, I have been accepted onto two 22-week diploma courses which, if completed successfully, would ensure acceptance of entry onto next years courses.


I am so fucking over the moon – and not because I have just been accepted. In the past, a letter of rejection would have killed me inside. I would have packed the whole thing in, or just sat in some sort of mute resentment. But, I didn’t take it personally, saw the positives, and actually, it made me more determined than ever. And yesterday was my reward. So. Fucking. Happy. Right. Now.


Well, this being Friday, this is the last entry of the week. The England football team are playing, and, with any luck, they’ll finally disappear up their own arses as they’ve threatened to do for quite some time now, and we can be done with the whole thing. Unfortunately, they’re playing Andorra, or Luxembourg, or one of those sorts of countries, so they’ll probably scrape a win.


So, until Monday, I hope you all have a lovely weekend, filled with happiness and light and love.


Lots of love,

Closed Box


One Response to “Sixteen, Love”

  1. Mike Says:

    Congratulations on the Birkbeck course! I think your positive outlook obviously helped with this.

    And drop me a line if you fancy a game of tennis 🙂


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