Bashing One Out

September 11, 2008

Good morning readers! And good news – we’re not dead!


This may be to do with the fact that the death machine isn’t fully turned on until October 21st – my birthday, and, finally, actual proof that my birth foretold a coming apocalypse.


After two days of sounding pretty pissed off, I am under strict instructions to sound happy, apparently, so here goes. This may be helped by the fact that I’m in a rather chipper sort of mood, even though I can barely move my legs after an hour long run/bash session in the gym.


I’d like to start by thanking all of you that stopped by yesterday – we had a record number of visitors to the blog, well into triple figures, so yeah… thanks.


There are only a certain number of people who are going to understand this next bit, so if you’re (a) reading this by accident, (b) stalking me, or (c) someone who I have given this address to, but haven’t been on the process, I apologise for the confusion that is about to come.


Much on the Hoffman Process is to do with focussing on an idea, and releasing anything – anger, anxiety, fear – that is pent up. (Jesus, this is hard to write about without giving away the ‘secrets’)


In the time since I have been home, I have been searching for a way to incorporate those same ideas and subsequent results into my every day life – through visualisations, or by going to the gym, and by Jove, I think I’ve finally done it.


My idea was simple. I have started going to the gym on account of becoming a bit of a porker, and realising that it’s only going to get harder to shift as I get older. The problem is motivation, and accessing that really raw energy I so experienced in Florence House.


Check this out:



I write something on a post-it note – perhaps a pattern, or a name of someone who has pissed me off, and an amount of time I think it is going to take for me to get it out of my system. The above is a quick example I knocked up at my desk this morning, as I figured it was a pretty common one.


I generally use the running machine, so I stick it up in front of me, and though I may not spend the entire time focussing on what is written on the post-it, I make sure that every so often I have a look, and remember why I felt the urge to run it out of me.


And it works! The best part is, at the end of the allotted time, I rip it off the machine, and either rip it to pieces, of chew it up and spit it out, and am immediately motivated to begin the next time slot by the new idea I have written underneath. I have taken to do 4 post-its every workout, and it really is a wonderful tool.


I wish I had more to say today – I really want to talk about the importance of taking time for decisions, but I’m taking my time (see what I did there?) to formulate that entry in my mind.


So… I guess that’s it for today, folks. I’d love to tell you all that I am going on some wonderful London adventure today, but it’s simply not the case, because, sadly, the weather sucks balls.


So, until tomorrow, where we shall be celebrating my two month ‘blogiversary’


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One Response to “Bashing One Out”

  1. Neil Manchester Says:

    Hoorah! Positive David is back!

    I love the post-it exercise story, and don’t know why I haven’t done this since Flo Ho. Since I swim regularly, I need someone to invent a waterproof post-it note though.

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