4th October: My Birthday Present To Myself

September 18, 2008

Although, it should be said, my birthday is actually on the 21st.

Anyway, just a quick entry today as I have a very short period of time to do some work before I leave at 12 in order to get home, and then get to West Sussex.

I have decided to get a second tattoo, this time in the inside of my arm. I have one other tattoo, my grandfather’s initials, which are HG.

When I was young man first living in London, my mother and I lived alone. During the school holidays, my mother would drag me to work, where she worked with her father (who had rescued us, effectively) in Archway, in his clothes shop.

Every day, they would buy me lunch and comics, and sit me downstairs where they kept all the stock, where I would read the comics in about 30 seconds, and play football with bundled up tissue paper covered in Sellotape.

Being that I was about 6 or 7 years old at the time, I would very quickly get bored, and I would sneak upstairs to see what was happening with the grown ups. My grandfather, a moody, buy ultimately soft man, would scowl at me and I would scream and run back downstairs before repeating this process over and over again.

I grew to love my grandfather like the father he was at that time in my life, and, in the spirit of our playfulness, and never forgetting those days, I dubbed him ‘The Green Eyed Monster’ – the man who scowled when I came upstairs.

When he died, I resolved to get a tattoo to remember him by. With my past drug-fuelled indiscretions, my memory ain’t what it should be, and sometimes, I forget things. So, one day, after wanting to get it done for about 2 years, I went to a tattoo parlour in Covent Garden, and had ‘HG’ tattooed on my lower back, with a little devil tail coming off the ‘G’ for ‘The Green Eyed Monster’. I don’t see it every day, but I always know its there, and more importantly, I’ll never forget.

And so, this October 4th, I will be commemorating something else I don’t want to forget with this:

I’ll see you all tomorrow with my ‘Closure’ report.

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