Let’s Get Political

September 25, 2008

I don’t normally get into politics here, as it’s what I talk about all day, and I like to get some respite every now and then. But someone emailed me yesterday, asking me why I had a ‘go’ at the Labour Conference, and decided to lecture me on how much of a moron I was because I didn’t agree with his views.


Sir, I am not a Labour Party hater. Nor am I a Labour Party supporter and that goes for all the other parties, too. If you blindly follow one particular party, regardless of the leader, policies or performance, then you are a complete fucking idiot.


The reason why I am currently most certainly not a Labour Party supporter is because this country is currently in the financial shit, and a vast majority of it is the responsibility of our government. And I don’t even need to mention the supposed financial-genius and former Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown, now Prime Minister, selling off this country’s gold reserves for a fraction of what they are currently worth. And I am most certainly not getting into how much he constantly ignores the wishes of the public (by signing the EU Constitution despite almost the entire country being against it) and how he wasn’t even elected in the first place.


I really didn’t want to get into politics on here, but I will say this; in my opinion, people of a country will generally, either consciously or unconsciously through economic means, follow their government. For reasons of PR, or to cover their own poor decisions and inability to actually govern, our government has spent the last ten years throwing money at every single problem we have faced, and, as we have got further and further into debt, we have had to encourage more consumerism to maintain a healthy economy. Unfortunately, a combination of trying to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ and ease of borrowing (also tying into an explosion in ‘celebrity culture’ which is too long to explore here) has created a giant black hole for the general public, as it has done for our government.


The Labour Conference is a fucking joke – dear reader if you’re reading – because, having somewhat of an inside track, and spending my life wading through confidential government information, it makes me fucking sick to watch these people slap themselves on the back, and try and convince us that they’ve done such a great job when we are so completely and utterly fucked thanks to those selfish, self-serving fucking hypocrites.


Hope this clears things up. Dick.


Hi everyone (else)!


I am pleased to report that after yesterdays post, I seem to have got rather a lot off of my chest, and silence and calm have once again returned to my life.


This morning, for the first time I don’t know how long, I have travelled sans-iPod (‘sans’ being derived from the Latin for ‘without’, you uneducated swines) to work, feeling no need to fill my life with sound. I have decided to re-read ‘A Million Little Pieces’ by James Frey again – yes, I know it’s a fake, but it’s still a masterful piece of work. (If you click the bits written in blue, it’ll take you to some info about the book – it’s quite a remarkable scandal)


This return of silence to my life, while seemingly insignificant, is, in fact, anything but. I have become very conscious of noise, post-process – having had, during the course, a real moment of ‘oh yeah’ when it was suggested that actually, we spend our lives filling our lives with the sound of the television, radio, or anything else, to block out the noises in our heads.


Ultimately, these past couple of months have been wonderful – I honestly am still coming to grips with how happy and different I feel, and how much I have changed inside myself – but the last couple of weeks, perhaps I have also felt… unsettled. There is, as I suggested yesterday, a great wave of change of an external nature in my life right now, and rather than cope with the notion of thinking, I think I have been doing my best to block it out.


A typical distraction for me when I don’t want to think has been my laptop. I find it very easy to lose myself in it for an entire evening when nothing else is going on. But yesterday, for the first time in about a week, I felt no need to retreat this way, and instead spent the evening watching some football, and relaxing. I have a feeling yesterday’s blog had a really cathartic effect on my subconscious.


There’s a few things I’m saving for tomorrow’s entry, so I’m going to sign off now. I hope your day to come is filled with happiness. Do something today that makes you smile – buy a cupcake or poke your tongue out at someone… I tend to do the latter quite a lot.


Until tomorrow,

Closed Box


One Response to “Let’s Get Political”

  1. virgomonkey Says:

    If you blindly follow one particular party, regardless of the leader, policies or performance, then you are a complete fucking idiot.

    Amen to balanced views. I get chewed out all the time too. Because of where I stand politically, I am b-slapped by the left and the right. Die hard radicals from both sides are just following the herd because they are too lazy to *think*.

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