Tonight We’re Going To Party Like It’s 5769

October 1, 2008

Happy New Year Jews!


And to the rest of you, Happy October 1st. It’s now precisely 20 days until my birthday, which is a perfect time to be thinking about what present you’re getting me. I like shiny things.


Jewish New Year is marvellous – it’s one of the two occasions a year when religious and non-religious Jews alike take the day off work, don a suit and tie, and make their way to Synagogue (or ‘Temple’) for their couple of hours of praying a year, before making their way home again. Me – I stay in bed late, and do nothing.


I understand that taking the day off work to do nothing for reasons of ‘religious holiday’ appears completely hypocritical, but, I don’t do it for me, I do it for my family.


Jews, of which I am one, are big ones for tradition and respect. Aside from our ‘string him up/get him down’ Jesus opinion conflicts, we’re actually pretty close to Catholics in the way we do things. For Catholics, as I understand it, there are some things you just ‘do’ – whether you are a strong follower of the Church or not – like Baptisms, etc. Jews take yesterday off. Not my fault it was on a Tuesday, and I get to miss work.


I could have gone to Synagogue/Temple instead of sitting in bed watching ‘Father Ted’, (how ironic) sure, but I am not about to make a complete hypocrite of myself by going to sit in a giant room to praise some nonsense man who apparently lives in the sky with his ten special rules. (© George Carlin)


Next Thursday (I think its next Thursday) is Yom Kippur, aka ‘The Day Of Atonement’. This is the day when Jews across the world go to their Synagogues/Temples and ask God for forgiveness for the sins of the previous year, and fast for the day. Once again, as I have done for many a previous year, I’ll be taking the day off, enjoying a leisurely breakfast, and thinking how ‘Day Of Atonement’ sounds like a great title for a movie.


Today I am super excited, though that has been tempered somewhat by the realisation that I am in fact wearing completely the wrong socks – those short tennis half socks with Converse All Stars, if you wanted to know.


Today I begin a journey which will hopefully culminate in the beginning of the rest of my life.


Tonight, at 7pm, I have my first class of my Psychology degree; a degree which with any luck end with me qualifying as a counsellor, before moving onto a Masters Degree. It’s called ‘Foundations of Modern Psychology’. Going by the email sent out by my tutor yesterday, I am in a class of about 11 women. I am sure you can appreciate how much I am going to hate that!


Hopefully, this class will go some way to alleviating the sheer boredom I am currently experiencing in my life. I have a job I know can’t go anywhere, a housing situation that needs to be sorted, and the nervous energy of the unknown with my upcoming Psychology courses. For the last couple of weeks, it has affected my concentration a little, and I am feeling… restless.


Oh well… on the whole, I feel bloody fantastic. I realised yesterday, in talking about it with a friend, that despite the occasional dip in the first few weeks, since the completion of my process, I have experienced true happiness and satisfaction for the first time in my life. I like and believe in myself, and, I recognise the promise inside of me, and of the life ahead.


To be able to write a sentence like that is worth everything I have been through up to this point.


So until tomorrow, friends, I bid you good day.


Closed Box.


One Response to “Tonight We’re Going To Party Like It’s 5769”

  1. Tonje Says:

    In my class we are 17 girls, and 1 boy. I feel sorry for him. xD

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