He Is An Englishman

October 3, 2008

We sail the ocean blue,
And our saucy ship’s a beauty;
We’re sober men and true,
And attentive to our duty.


So yesterday was yet another boring, long, and pointless day here in the world of David; work crawled along as it normally does, and brief respite from boredom only came with the occasional making of a cup of tea, or reading something mildly interesting on the internet.


And then, great news!


I am (shhh) a bit of a fan of Gilbert and Sullivan musicals – specifically ‘Pirates of Penzance’ and ‘HMS Pinafore’, but have never managed to see them live – but that’s about to change.


Sadly, it is going to be in some little provincial theatre in West London, holding around 300 people, but come this November, I will be completing a life’s ambition, and seeing ‘HMS Pinafore’ on stage!


I cannot tell you how happy that made me. No wait – I can! Very.


Yesterday began the second of my two courses, this one being ‘Biological Basis of Behaviour’, at The London School of Economics.


I left work at 4, but instead of mulling around shops as I had done the night previous, I went downstairs to my work basement, and spent an hour sorting myself out, and preparing for class. I left at 5, got to Holborn (where LSE is) and had a quick bite to eat.


My class is made up of 14 women, and 2 men, myself included. Fortunately, I think I’ll be able to concentrate on this one, as the average age seems to be circa 45, and the average weight seems to be ‘hippo’.


The real problem is going to be my teacher. This is a woman who could narrate a Monica Bellucci, Carmen Electra and Elizabeth Hurley three-way, and make it boring. Everything. Takes. Forever. To. Say. Introducing 16 people? Over an hour. The words ‘lets take a ten minute break’? Ten minutes. Ugh.


Well, at least I have the weekend to look forward to. Tonight is all about reading, tea, and pornography very hard university work. Tomorrow, I will be off to Camden Town, initially to my favourite little place in the whole world – a tiny little tea shop – and then to get my birthday present to myself – a tattoo. Saturday night, I may or may not see a friend of mine, and then Sunday is as Sundays are. Oh! Except I am seeing my friend Beverly in the evening.


And that’s pretty much it from me. I conceptualised this entry being much more fun, but without the fuel of my usually-interesting breakfast, this whole thing has fallen to shit.


Still, HMS Pinafore is on the way!


Have a great weekend all,

Closed Box


4 Responses to “He Is An Englishman”

  1. Neil Manchester Says:

    David, you naughty boy, you are being deliberately provocative in your blog today and you can’t expect me to jump to your rescue every time someone gets irate about hippo comments etc.
    Gave me a good laugh on an otherwise crappy day- just got back from North Uist- Google it but never, ever go there!

  2. posteret Says:

    I laughed at the hippo comments!

    What type of tattoo are you going to get and where? I have a little tattoo, I love it. Be ready to grit your teeth, it smarts a bit…

  3. Mike Says:

    Ignoring my contrarian pattern (if that isn’t too recursive), I’ve been to North Uist and don’t believe what Neil tells you 😉

  4. Neil Manchester Says:

    If Scotland were to receive an enema (I think that accurately describes what the SNP are hoping for) then North Uist is where the pipe would be inserted.

    Mike, have you ever been back to North Uist? I rest my case.

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