A Muppet, And A Felt Thing With Orange Hair

October 16, 2008

Good morning readers! Isn’t that an uncanny picture?


Well… wasn’t yesterday a cheery, blogtastic day? Hope I’ve still got some readers, and you’ve not jumped off a bridge!


Yesterday was one hell of a slog, though. I was shattered, and, after doing nothing all day, I was treated with a three hour meeting which ran from 2-5pm. There followed a gap of 2 hours – just enough time to get half my sandwich down myself – and then my 2 hr class on the Foundations Of Modern Psychology. More on this in a bit. I finally got home around 10, ended up talking to my friend Alex for an hour, and somehow the world conspired to get me to bed at just gone 12.


Somehow, I am functioning this morning. And functioning rather well; in a chipper mood and with a smile on my face. Perhaps it is because I have the day off tomorrow. Perhaps I had that dream with the broken photocopier at Liz Hurley’s house, and I’m the repair man. Hmmm…


I am a little… unsettled by last night’s class. It’s a little… close to home.


On my Hoffman Process (have I mentioned I’ve been on a process? Oh, every day, you say?) there were a certain number of ways we are taught of compartmentalising our minds – into emotional, intellectual and spiritual selves, all housed in our body. They call this the Quadrinity. I don’t believe I am crossing any lines by disclosing this, but perhaps some of my Hoffman-au fait readers can let me know. That’s as much information about it you’ll ever get out of me about it, anyway. (nb – most of that is pretty publicly available)


Yesterday’s lesson was totally consumed with Freudian theory and his models of the mind – how it is split between the ego, the superego, and the id. Parallel number 1.  Freud talks of conflicts between the three, the compromises one must reach, the stages of fixations, and the subsequent source of anxieties, and the magic words, patterns.


The course itself is monumentally interesting and engaging, but every so often, I hear a word that makes me snap back into consciousness, and my mind goes ‘oh shit’, and I have a memory recall of Florence House.


Tonight is another class – Biological Basis of Behaviour – which is one I struggle with rather badly. It’s very scientific in basis, and of the many thing I am, a scientist I ain’t. In many ways, though, these classes are very good for me – it’s not often I don’t ‘get’ something right away.


The weekend begins right after class this week, as I have taken Friday off work to make sure my mother is ok after her operation. Saturday is the 1st birthday party of my best friend’s daughter Ariella – does ANYONE know what you buy a 1 year old?!?!?!? – and then Sunday, I have the pleasure of showing someone around London.


Years ago, I worked in a bar in Central London, and I met 4 American girls, one of whom I ended up going out with for a while. They were here for a couple of months, and I loved them all dearly. We’re all Facebook friends, and I got a message from one of them, Lauren, that her friend was coming to London for a couple of weeks for work, and I should show her around. And this is what I shall be doing. I have dinner planned with my friend Dionne on Sunday night, and then that’s my lot.


And of course, I know you haven’t forgotten that its my birthday on Tuesday.




It’s important to be subtle.


So, until next Monday (don’t forget – the day before my birthday) I hope you all have wonderful, stupendous, exhilarating weekends.


All my love,

Closed Box


2 Responses to “A Muppet, And A Felt Thing With Orange Hair”

  1. UrbanVox Says:

    hehehe… you can never be subtle enough with such an important occasion… 😉

  2. Powerless and afraid(less so) Says:

    I still like your blog, and the fact you write every day.

    I wanted to say something else profund but the words escape me right now.

    I think they would revolve around the concept of just aim for remembering you are okay with capitals OK . Always. i think i am referring to your previous post.

    Take it easy david,


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