Foundations Of Modern Davidology

November 6, 2008

*click* *click* *click* you give me fever.


Do you ever have those days when things just… ‘click’?


I started the day in a horrible mood, I’ll admit that. Yesterday’s blog was a reply to a friend who had written to me concerned/a little disgusted about my few posts previous to that, and… well… I don’t think I exactly hid my thoughts on his thoughts in my rather boisterous reply. My apologies if you’re reading this – unconsciously, I don’t respond very well to what my brain perceives as being a lecture.


Anywho, as I do every Wednesday, (well, most of them) last night, I attended ‘The Foundations of Modern Psychology’, my Wednesday class.


I’m really struggling with being a student again; something not helped by the pressure I am heaping upon myself upon to be a resounding success. (In truth, this has been further exacerbated by my teacher’s requirements for passing this particular course – ‘a pulse’) I find sitting and reading very difficult, and have realised that in reality, trying to shoulder two classes in one go and not re-introducing myself to the world of studentry (if I can invent a word for a moment) slowly is akin to picking up a tennis racket for the first time in fifteen years and playing a match against Roger Federer.  


I am not at all concerned with passing, as I know, ultimately, I will. However, being that the requirements to pass this particular course are ‘turn up, breathe, write an essay’, a simple passing grade doesn’t really cut with me mentally.


But the classes. Oh man… I FUCKING LOVE the classes. I don’t care if I am wrong are right when I offer answer or argument, (post-Hoffman behaviour alert!) I just love the mental exercise of getting my head around seriously complex ideas and theories, and offering opinion or thought. The two hours simply FLY by – though this is probably because it’s really the only time in the week – apart from my Thursday class – where I actually use my brain. Lord knows, I certainly don’t at work!


I left class almost high with happiness, utterly enthralled and engaged with the previous 2 hours. I got home, emailed my current favourite person in the world, and, in my mental utopia, filled my iPod with 80’s rock music, and went on a buying spree of songs I hadn’t heard in an absolute age, and seem to have lost somewhere along the way – songs like ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ by Motley Crue, ‘More Than This’ by Roxy Music, ‘Rebel Yell’ by Billy Idol, and this piece of truly great 1980’s rock/pop:



Aside from the odd dream about my past indiscretions, I never dream – or at least, I don’t remember them. But last night, I think I mentally fell into place, and I dreamt the entirety of my essay – the structure, how to start it, everything – it was so clear to me, and so vivid, that as I stood in the shower this morning, I was still reciting the introduction to myself.


I walk this morning with a spring in my step, and the sounds of Journey, Van Halen, and Poison rocking my ears off on the tube.


Have a fucking outstanding day, world.


Lots of love,

Closed Box


Ps – Hi Michelle! And hi, of course, to my dear friend Elaine xx



3 Responses to “Foundations Of Modern Davidology”

  1. sulz Says:

    i remember my students and how stoked i was when a class mentally challenges me. two classes that come to mind are english proficiency and professional ethics. the former i take every semester, but one particular semester stood out because the lecturer gave us exercises which really made us ponder. for the latter, it was about work ethics and i discovered that i was quite passionate about it!

  2. UrbanVox Says:

    I used to love classes that mentally challenged me… Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology were my faves…
    now I am trying to run away from challenging my mind whenever possible… Counseling and Mentoring are challenging enough I say! 🙂

  3. posteret Says:

    Glad to hear the courses are going so well, it is incredibly hard to get back into the mindset of studying when you are out of practice. I did a course a few years after completing my degree and it was a challenge to concentrate!
    Don’t forget too that you probably weren’t holding down a full time job when you were last studying…

    Bugger, I’ve got ‘The Power of Love’ lodged in my brain now…

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