Der Krieg Vom Gemüt (Und Der Glückliche Jude)

November 10, 2008

Ok everyone, get out your ration books and put up your bomb shelters – it’s war!


Thursday night was ‘Biological Basis of Behaviour’ night – the class that hell borne of it’s cursed behind.


There is no way of describing the inhabitants of this class without sounding like an arrogant, judgemental prick, but, for the purposes of this story, I shall run just a risk, and tell you about two in particular – Olga and   Helen, thus called because I cannot remember their real names.


Helen scares the crap out of me – large and German, she regularly talks over people – not, I hasten to add, me – and is eager to offer counter opinion whether it is or isn’t asked for. Olga is Polish – slight and quiet, she is obviously ridiculously intelligent, but it would be perhaps fair to argue that her extensive education has come at the cost of developing social skills.


Wasn’t that polite?


Anywho, on Thursday, it kicked off. The class discussion was on functions of the brain, and which side of your brain controls what. (Left side of the brain controls your right side, and vice versa, if you’re interested) There was some discussion about blind people, visual stimuli, and Braille. And then, suddenly, it went to war. In broken English, Olga and Helen began to verbally batter each other of a difference of opinion about the way Braille was written, the force and gusto of which has not been mustered by a German since the Nuremberg rallies.


Over the way you poke holes in a piece of paper.


I would apologise to any blind people reading for that sweeping generalisation about what I am sure is a vital lifeline… but…


(as a side note – do they have Braille porn? And, if so, do you need two hands to read it?)


The weekend came and went in a slew of words, random papers about defence mechanisms, and psychological pondering, as I write two essays for my respective classes – ‘Discuss and Evaluate What Psychoanalysis Means By Defence Mechanisms’ and another one about brain functions, whose exact title I can’t quite remember. Either way, my head hurts.


For some reason, I’ve been sleeping a lot. I slept through dinner on Friday night, had a good 2 hour nap on Saturday, and fell asleep for at least 45 minutes on Sunday, which combined left me completely awake at 1am last night, watching The West Wing, and contemplating how tired I’d be this morning.


Answer? Very.


I think this mood I found myself in contributed to this, a mental list of things which piss me off no end.


David’s Monday Morning Grumpy List (aka ‘I’m Getting Old)


  1. Sunglasses indoors.


You’re on the tube. It’s 8.30am. Outside, it’s pouring with rain. Why the fuck do you need sunglasses?


  1. Pointy shoes


No, you do not look like you’re fronting an indie band. You look like a schmuck.


  1. People with lack of special awareness.


Just because you’ve decided to leave the house with everything you own packed into a rucksack, don’t assume I want it thrust in my fucking face, dipshit. Take it off, put it on the floor, and be a bit considerate of those around you, asshole.


Ok, that’ll do.


That’s it from me for today folks. I shall see you when the blitzkrieg comes.


Lots of love,

Closed Box


2 Responses to “Der Krieg Vom Gemüt (Und Der Glückliche Jude)”

  1. posteret Says:

    Oh you poor man! That does not sound like a fun weekend.
    I like your descriptions of Olga and Helen, very tactful and considerate…

    I was going to write a likes and dislikes list last week but decided it would be so unbalanced as to be pointless, so many little things irritate me beyond all comprehension. I am with you on the sunglasses, especially when used as a hair accessory! Grrr

  2. UrbanVox Says:

    That was a short post today!!! 🙂
    had a bad Monday uh…
    Welcome to my world!!! 🙂

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