November 11, 2008

Dear Friends,


Though a great time has passed between then and now, I still remember starting this blog like it was yesterday. It was a balmy but distinctly un-summers eve, and, as the orange sky was perforated by silhouette cloud, I could but stare and ponder the eight days that had passed.


I had undergone a metamorphosis; a fundamental change in self, marking the end of my childhood and the weight it carried, and taking me finally into adulthood. Memories were every bit as vivid as they had always been, perhaps even more so, but they carried no emotional baggage. I had laid to rest the ghosts of the past.


In the course of 78 posts (this has been the 79th) I have mapped out a second journey – that of a frightened man having to deal with authenticity for the first time, to today; a story of a man a million miles away from perfect, but incomparable to the child masquerading as a man he was once previously.


Friends, I have decided to bring this blog to a close. It has served its purpose, and run its course. I only hope, as it lay dormant in the infinite universe of cyberspace that it can serve the purpose I always hoped it would – to help. To inform. To comfort and aid those who found themselves as I did some four months ago; taking those astonishing first steps.


I leave you now as I came to you – with eyes wide open in wonder and gratitude, that I never knew a life could be lived this way. Despite peaks and troughs, I feel as though each day brings growth, and my love for myself remains as strong as ever.


To my readers – be you a regular visitor, a fellow course-mate, or someone who has stumbled upon me by accident, I thank you for hearing my confessions, and wish you nothing but love and happiness; but mostly, love for yourself.


I wish you all well on your journeys.


Closed Box


7 Responses to “Goodbye”

  1. Tonje Says:

    What am I supposed to read when I’m bored at school now? 😦

  2. UrbanVox Says:

    so sudden?!?!?!?!

  3. Gemma Says:

    Why? I like checking in for a bit of banter every few days..

    😦 xx

  4. brookem Says:

    right when i was getting into it!

  5. Neil Manchester Says:

    But David, things were going so well between us…..You can’t just drop us without a second thought, as if we mean nothing to you. What about the hours spent reading through your rants? What about the cleverly thought out and worded comments we posted? What is left to put a smile on my face each day now?
    I really thought we had something special going on here, and now its all over! How could you be so cruel and heartless?
    I bet you’ve found another blog audience. Well, if it doesn’t work out don’t expect us to take you back just like that.

  6. Mike Says:

    Thanks – it was fun! Good luck with the new one.

  7. Dominic Says:

    Gutted. Was thinking of you the last couple of days and meant to check in sooner. And now you’ve gone. Forever. Well, my mother never liked you anyway. Bastard.

    Catch you soon buddy

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